got the tools and our guide but used all your clay? maybe you just want to add more to your kit so you can get handsy with a date or your mates! stock up with our clay-only pack. 


what's inside?

  • clay for one - two creations or people depending on size, packaged in a compostable pouch
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Before you buy...

In order to use your finished pottery, it will need to be:

    • Drying clay mug
    • Allowed to dry for 10 days

      Don't worry if you need to leave it for longer, clay can be left to dry for years before going in the kiln!

    • Glazed and fired clay mug
    • Glazed and fired in a kiln

      The oven you use to bake cakes won't do the job. Check out our kiln finder for your nearest one.

All the information you need will be included in your kit.