Clay Club | April 14

Clay Club | April 14

Clay Club is your special space to be creative without life distractions or direction. A space filled with soon-to-be friends, like minded creative souls and a whole lotta clay. I’ll be here to help with any mishaps, tough attachments and questions but this session is completely up to you.  It’s BYO, so if you feel like having a wine, cocktail or treat bring it with you! 

Our second session is April 14th from 5:30pm until 9:30pm at Studio Ruma in Orewa - you can drop in any time that suits you, ideally try to give yourself at least 2 hours of making time. 

What do you need to bring and know?

  • Bring a baking tray to take your pieces home with you, once they have dried you can chat to me about firing or you can take it to your local kiln, which I can help you locate! *Firing with me will be priced by the size of each piece or by the shelf of the kiln. 
  • Clay: bring your own or if you would like to buy 10kg of clay, please let me know on instagram @handsycraftkits and I will bring it to the session.
  • Glaze: bring your own or chat to me about glazing your pieces, I can help with how much you’ll need and what glaze you need for the effect you’d like to achieve. Glazing can be done at home, in a Clay Club session or after a bisque fire depending on your creation and your glaze.


What comes in this club session?

A beautiful space to play with clay for 4 hours, clay tools, tips, and a guiding hand if needed. 

The only prerequisite to join is having done one workshop with me already - I will be checking!

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