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crafty kits for busy minds


how does it work?

we've made getting handsy at home as easy as possible. simply pick a kit you like and we'll deliver everything you need to your front door.

we'll teach you how to pinch clay like a pro, knit like a nana, and embroider funky designs on to your clothes. we'll even hold your hand through the scary stuff, like getting your creations glazed, fired and picking up stitches.

diy pottery kits

knit kits coming soon!

embroidery kits coming soon!

doing our bit for mental wellbeing

craft activities are proven to lower your heart rate, regulate breathing and even help reduce anxiety. mental wellness is something we hold close to our hearts, so we'll be donating 5% of our profits from every kit to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Customers Say

The instructions were really clear and the tools were really helpful. I felt super relaxed after and I've even got some leftover clay so I'm going to make some more stuff this weekend!

Amber. S

I had so much fun with my kit!! Can't wait to get it glazed and fired, just waiting for it to dry at the moment, the tools are so handy <3

Michelle. L

Handsy craft kits are a game changer! I've always been keen on trying my hand at pottery and this was the perfect step!

Gabby. H

I had the best time creating my master piece and appreciated how clear everything was. Keep sharing the magic!

Paige. E



Make your own vase

diy pottery vase kit

Make your own bowl

diy pottery bowl kit

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A local DIY pottery kit business that has a pledge towards mental health and a mission to inspire the next generation of crafters.

Viva Magazine NZ

These kits are a great way to creatively fidget away from your phone. You'll learn about ceramics and have a creation you can actually use at the end of it!

Urban List

let's get handsy

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