all about us

last year during the first kiwi lockdown we got a little bored. no longer were the 1pm announcements, netflix, memes or houseparty entertaining us. we had to get creative.

so we bought a 20kg bag of clay, set of paints, wool and knitting needles and then we thought...where the heck do we start.

after a lot of youtube and oopsie daisies, we made our first thing. it was wonky and weird, but we had a blast. no scrolling, no judgement, just straight-up fun.

we started handsy because we think everyone needs a little bit of playful creativity in their life. we want you love playing just as much as we do, it’s better for you than you may think.

  • it's incredible for your mental health
  • it reduces anxiety, lowers your heart-rate and slows down breathing
  • it gives your hands something to do other than scroll and tap
  • it's the perfect mate date, me date or actual date!

we're always trying to do our bit for the environment, that’s why we’re working towards being 100% sustainable, from our packaging to encouraging you to bring pre-loved clothes back to life with our soon-to-launch embroidery kits.

if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading. reach out if you have any questions. we are so thankful for your support and can't wait to see what’s instore for handsy.

love, the handsy team x