Why did we start a blog? Here's why.

To be honest, I never thought we (I) would. I am a professional writer and sometimes when you do something in exchange for money you kinda loose your love for it. But here we are. If you see typos or grammatical errors, just remember that's because I am not writing from a professional stand point. I am looking at this as an extension of my mind. And if you're anything like me, there is no spell check happening inside there. 


So, here's the why:

I have a family in NZ thanks to my incredible partner Ben. They are pretty cool humans and we are lucky enough that his little bro and GF live 5 mins away. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Willy and Erin, you'll know they may be young, but they are power houses. Passionate, kind, smart, and hustling for their ideal life. It's pretty inspiring. Ben's whole family is inspiring to be fair. They make me want to be better in life and in biz and are always showing me ways to do so (even if they don't know it). Anyways, back to the why. We were talking and they mentioned the power blogs had and how they enjoyed reading them from brands they resonated with. I kinda laughed and said I would never, I would rather make a podcast than write more than I already do.

Fast forward a couple weeks, maybe three. I have a new social media mentor, who is helping me strategically plan launches and spend more time creating a place humans want to hang out rather than just a selling platform. And she found this quote on creativity and failure (check my first blog post) and it woke something inside me. I ended up writing the longest insta post in the history of insta posts and thought. This is basically a blog. So I cut it down, clicked on my shopify account and opened up a blog. 

There you have it. That's the why.

It all started with a casual convo on the floor of our living room after eating a tasty meal with a side of bread. There is always bread if Willy is around. 


P.s. Anyone else have a weird habit of saying we when it's really just you? Yeah we too.

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