Why did we bring out a knit kit?

Hi! It's me Tish, co-owner of Handsy. While clay, ceramics and at home pottery kits have been our OG craft kit and the one craft I always was dying to learn growing up, I have also always wanted to learn how to knit. 

That's kinda why handsy exists. For me to learn new crafts and bring you a super easy, no nonsense way of doing it. 

I always found the world of knitting SO OUT OF REACH. Like Nasa level far. Every time I would look at a pattern or a video my eyes would glaze over and I would get soooo confused by the K1P1S2D3 pattern abbreviations that I would just give up. I know, I know. I could just learn what they mean but honestly - it felt too hard to start. 

I never grew up learning how to knit, my mom and grandmother are needle pointers and cross stitchers, so that was the world I learned as a kid. But knitting up my own scarf or cardi always felt like the dream.

I asked a few friends to help me with the process of learning how to knit, and through their immense patience. And I mean IMMENSE (my brain is a weird one), I was able to get started.

I am also pretty stubborn, so I kinda wanted to trial out the small skills and see what happened. 

Every new knitter leans into one stitch more easily, for me that was the purl, but if you feel the knit stitch is more natural that's cool too. There are HEAPS of cool stitches you'll learn in your knitting journey.

I think the fact the knit stitch itself kinda made my brain bend was all part of the problem. Also the fact that I am a super visual learner, and I wanted to have a pattern that would quickly take me to a video of what I was trying to do without hours of googling to find the one that made sense.


And that's how our knit kits were born. From beautiful friends with patience, a whole lot of fiddling, and me learning how to break down the basics of knitting into terms that even a brain like my brain could comprehend.


I hope for you our knit kits make sense and inspire a whole new craft you never knew you needed in your life. Stay tuned for our next kit which will be launching after little baby T is born. 


Wana know what's the next craft on the cards? Ha. It might be something with threads instead of yarns. And no. I am not talking about the new platform 😉

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